February 28, 2011

Dinner Tonight - February 28, 2011 and My Day

Tonight we are having chili for supper along with grilled cheese sandwiches.  I use half ground turkey and half ground beef or half ground turkey and half ground pork in my chili recipe.  For a salad, I will put some carrot sticks on the table.  All of the ingredients for my chili have been purchased on sale and this meal will be a cheap meal. 

When I serve chili, I usually have enough for two meals easily.  So, I have the option of leftovers the next night or I freeze the chili for later use in another dish.  How about chili on tortilla chips with greated cheese for chili nachos, or poured over cooked macaroni in a casserole and topped with cheddar cheese and baked til browned for chili mac.  You can do the same with rice.  Or there is always my favorite which is chili on a hot dog.  I love chili dogs and sometimes I will take my bowl of chili, top with chopped onion and a little mustard just like on a chili dog.  Of course, make sure you are staying home for the evening or you will knock everybody out with onion breath.  But it is oh so worth it.

As with all food prices, fresh produce is going sky high.  My DH will eat salad and I always have a salad for lunch but my DS doesn't like tossed salad.  However, my DS will eat carrot or celery sticks.  So, for salad tonight it will be the carrot sticks.

Today I must select the paint colors for my livingroom.  I set aside my first and second choice last Friday and have deliberately not looked at the paint samples for a few days.  Today I will look at them again and immediately pick what looks the best with no second guessing.

Also, I have been working out at Curves for 5 weeks now.  I have lost 3.25 inches and haven't lost any weight.  My goal was not to lose weight, but to tone up.  Well, it is working.  My jeans are loose and they haven't been that way for a long, long time.  It's a good feeling.  Best of all I enjoy the workouts and working out with friends is always a big plus.

Our Curves is located in a mall and when I walked into the mall entrance near Curves last Friday, there were about 50 girlscouts and their leaders standing around with boxes and boxes of girlscout cookies.  It was delivery day and the girls were picking up their cookie orders.  It was a little odd to me that they had set all of this up in front of Curves.  While working out a lot of us were joking about how we wondered if we could buy a box of Thin Mints on the way out. 

Today is also laundry day and in the meantime I need to do a lot of picking up around our downstairs.  Some of the livingroom furniture is in the den, and some of the furniture in the livingroom has been moved around to accommodate my ladder.  The result: all of us have become lazy about being neat and picking up.

It is always a challenge to keep a household organized when you are doing some work in a major room of the house.   My priorities during a time such as this is to make sure the laundry is done and we have meals prepared.  Then the rest I can deal with.

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Maureen said...

Yesterday my house looked like a bomb site, as we were having carpet laid in 4 rooms all the bedrooms and the main living/dining area, so there was stuff everywhere.
but today it,s back to normal with new carpeting, nice............