February 09, 2011

My Day

Today was a day of this and that activities.  I finished the laundry, worked on the walls in the livingroom and picked up some fresh produce at one store and birdfood and squirrel corn at the other store.

The best part of my day was when I helped at our church with the elementary kids Wednesday program.  I was in charge of the games for these kids.  First we get together in the choir room and sing crazy kids songs, hear a Bible lesson and do a simple craft.  Then came game time.  We did the limbo and another game that consisted of keeping a balloon in the air with one hand.  Simple games and simple activities. The best part is listening to the conversations that take place during the craft time - the giggles of the girls.  One girl is always smiling and giggling - I love her.  Also I love during game time how the kids help each other out. 

Then it was a quick trip to Wal-mart for paint samples and more patching plaster and then back to church for the Senior High Youth group.  I helped with dinner, cleaned up and got home at 8:30 this evening.  Again, with the Senior Highs it is the conversation while they are eating and the laughter, teasing and fun. 

I'm exhausted in one way and refreshed in another way.  Ahhh - being around youth can really lift your spirits.  But for now I'm going to bed.


Kris Watson said...

I got two thank yous this week from blog visitors, and I realized that I just sit here and get blessed by blogs and seldom take a minute to say thank you. When I decided to try and change my thoughtless ways, yours was the first thank you I wanted to deliver. I don't know what it is, but you make it so easy to connect with you. I feel after only a few months that we have things in common. Is it the way you write? Maybe. But I actually think it is just a function of who you are: A real person who speaks truth with great love. Thanks for making yourself available to the rest of us! It's just a hoot to get to know you here.

halfdozendaily said...

Sounds like it was a nice day! :) A day well spent!!

Martha said...


Thank you very much for your kindness. I too enjoy your blog. It's great to get to know so many people in blog land.