February 17, 2011

An Entertainment Treat

We are fortunate in our small community of 10,000 to have a beautiful community auditorium.  The auditorium was built in the mid 1990's and it is beautiful.

Tonight Simon Estes, the famous baritone singer, sang in concert at the auditorium.  Our high school orchestra and choir also performed a couple of songs.   It was an outstanding concert.  Simon is a native of Iowa and resides here.  He has performed with major opera companies around the world. 

The above video I found on You Tube and after you listen to a little of it you may understand my excitement at going to his concert.

The cost was $25 per ticket and I told my husband that we were going and he could count it as an early birthday present for me. This is an incredible bargain.  Our son plays viola in the orchestra and although they performed only two songs, one with Simon singing with them, I would have paid twice that amount to hear Simon sing.

So, No Spend Month or not, this was one of those great opportunities that I was not going to pass up. 

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Maureen said...

What an awesome voice, way to good to miss,enjoy !!!