February 10, 2011

Getting Ready to Paint

Yes, the patching the holes and cracks in our old plaster walls is nearing an end.  Actually it has been kind of fun, especially when I see the results.

I have one more hole and a large crack to fix in the livingroom, but the entry way is ready to be painted.  So, the hard part begins - picking paint colors.  I have thought about it for a long time and my head hurts from thinking about it.  The one thing I do know, that when painting major rooms you need to think about how the color flows from room to room.  Also, I wanted to make sure that the colors compliment what is in my entryway and livingroom. 

I have always liked yellow.  Yellow can be golden and sunny.  So, I will eventually have a sunny yellow golden kitchen someday and I want to carry that to the diningroom.  The only thing that separates the kitchen from the diningroom is a half wall and ledge. 

From the kitchen you can look through the livingroom into the diningroom and into the entryway.  So, everything needs to complement each other.

The entryway has this beautiful stained glass window.

The "rays" in the window alternate yellow and light (lime) green.  So I am going with several shades of green that I will sponge on the walls.  The ceiling will be sponged in complimentary soft yellows.  The green I picked out matches the olive green scheme in our livingroom carpet.

That's our dog's foot in the picture.

The livingroom will be rag painted in different shades of a gold or amber colors that match what is in the rug.  Those colors will compliment the brown furniture and rust curtains.  Also note that the livingroom rug has blue designs in it that matches the blue in the stained glass window. 

The furniture has been moved to the center of the room while I am working on it.

So, we'll see how it all works out.  After all, it is just paint and if I don't get a shade quite right, I can always paint over it. 


Maureen said...

I,m a bit of a scaredy when it comes to paint choices, why not Google your style of house and get some color schemes from the experts. I tend to use the same color throughout with a couple of accent walls

Anonymous said...

Oooh... I *LOVE* the turquoise paint chips! They are gorgeous!! Lovin' that stained window too! I bet your colour choices will look wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

wow...you are BRAVE!!!! and you really DO have a project going on. I absolutely love that stained glass window.....can't wait to see the "after" pics!!! I still have not decided on paint color, but definitely going to think neutral..... I know, I am a chicken. :)