February 02, 2011

Away from Blogging for a couple Days

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Iowa City where my FIL is undergoing heart catheterization.  With the results obtained from that test, he will probably have angioplasty or stents put in that same day.   I will be with my MIL while he is hospitalized and probably won't be able to post anything on my blog.

If I am able, I may be able to share on my blog via my smart phone.  The only problem is the phone is smarter than I am.  I should be home on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know! Drive carefully, and prayers for your father-in-law.

Elizabeth said...

Prayers for a fast and speedy recovery for him. If only it had been a few days ago, I could have met you in the hospital!

Maureen said...

Hope everything goes well with FIL,s surgery.

See you when you return.