February 08, 2011

Guess what is part of my entertainment budget?????

Yes, that's right.  Feeding the squirrels is a form of entertainment to me.  I sit in our den, at my desk and I look out a window and I can watch the squirrels eat.  They are quite entertaining.  I have 2 squirrel feeders around the yard.  Our dog doesn't bother them in the least but when our son's dog, Brody, comes over he chases and tries to catch them.  Unfortunately this winter Brody did catch 2.  One died and one escaped.  I did a lot of screaming and learned to feed the squirrels after Brody goes home.

And let's not forget about the birds.  I have three feeders set up around my yard.  One is also outside the Den window.  I have my desk set up right next to the window so all I have to do is look to my right and I can see the birds feeding.  There is something about seeing a beautiful red cardinal against the white snowy background.

I also have a squirrel feeder and a suet feeder in a tree outside of my kitchen window.  I have watched squirrel "acobatics" while I am doing the dishes.  And then there are the birds who love to eat the suet especially in the wintertime.  They need the extra fat since they spend so much time trying to stay warm.

 It is therapy for me to watch these birds and squirrels feed at the feeders I have set up around our yard.  I enjoy nature and I am constantly on the lookout for new birds. 

Since I account for everything in our budget, I put squirrel and birdfood in the entertainment category.  Of course, my hubby disagrees with me on this one, but he has his own forms of entertainment that are in the budget. 

It costs me about $7.00 for a 30 lb. bag of squirrel corn and I go through that bag about every 10 weeks.  I use about 25 lbs. of birdfood each month which costs me about $20.00 (if there aren't any sales going on).  If I had to I would find other areas to cut back on before I would take this out of the budget.

And last, this is the feeder I set up outside our diningroom window.  This is made from an old lawn ornament.  It is a pitch fork stuck in the ground.  On top of it used to sit a decorative birdhouse that broke and came off.  I took an old pie tin and nailed it to the top to put bird food in.  


Sharon said...

What gorgeous birds! I remember my mom used to feed squirrels nuts on the back deck. She would lay them out and watch them come up and get them. One time she forgot to put some nuts out and a squirrel came right up to the door. If I didn't know better, I could have sworn the squirrel was about to knock on the door. Very fun entertainment!

lkgaug said...

I, too, have bird feeders! You are so right about watching the birds feed being a form of therapy, I have fed "my country" birds for a long time! We even have eagles out in the field across from my house! They are magnificent birds and fun to watch! I have taken some great pictures of the eagles, they even sit in the trees around the house!

Anonymous said...

I tried a bird feeder last year, but there was really very little response. I guess here in California birds demand gourmet seeds !