January 02, 2011

Frugal Blanket Throws

I came across a great deal on some fabric recently.  I only spent $2.00 a yard for a soft, sweatshirt, fleece type fabric - you know, really soft and warm.  Sorry, can't remember exactly what it said on the bolt.  I just knew that it was a great price and perfect for making blanket throws for winter. 

This afternoon I trimmed the selvages and then I did a simple zig zag stitch on the edges pulling the fabric taunt so it would then have a raggle look to it.  I'm not sure if "raggle' is a word or not, but for the sake of this post I will say it is a word.

So here is what the edges look like.  I had to put an ivory placemat under the edges so you can see what the zig zag stitching did to the edges.

And here is my son holding the four blanket throws.  Each blanket is 6 feet in length and 5 feet in width.  A perfect size to wrap up in while watching t.v. or reading a book.  Beats one of those "Snuggies" anyday.  Best of all the price to make each blanket was just $4.00 plus a spool of thread. 


Maureen said...

Look fabulous and cosy, not that we need them just now. But it might be an idea for MIL for next Winter.

Martha said...

It was only 9 degrees when I got up this morning. I wish I was in a warmer climate right now!

What I like about this fabric is that it is lightweight and warm. It is thick, but not bulky and is far better than those fleece throws you can purchase in any store.

It pays to go to the fabric department of Wal-mart and dig threw the discounted fabric table.

simplyaltered.com said...

This is an awesome and simple idea Martha!!! and honestly, I like it much better than all those knotted edged throws that EVERYONE has right now. Geez...enough!!!
btw, I had a skirt once with this edge, and it was labeled as "lettuce edge". That is what it reminds me of. ....but "raggled" is good too. ;)

halfdozendaily said...

They look sooo warm & comfy! Great find!! I just ordered a couple craft books and i'm SO excited to get them to start creating! I need to find some fabric for a good deal too, wish me luck! :)

Martha said...

Kelli @simply altered:

I have made a couple of the fringed fleece blankets - collegiate themed but I didn't want anything like that in my livingroom.


I truly hope you find some fabric bargains. I wasn't looking for any fabric when I found this fabric. Now I always check the discounted fabric table to search for possible bargains.