January 09, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I recently watched and taped TLC's "Extreme Couponing." I have watched it three times while doing housework.   First of all it makes me want to search the internet more to get better coupon deals.  Second, I enjoy hunting and getting a good deal on the items I buy for me family.  Third, I would never spend hours or days looking for coupons and deals, cancel plans with my family, collect a stockpile that fills my house so much that I have to take out insurance on it and go out and buy a considerable sum of candy bars and sports drinks just because I can get them for free or near free.  That is what Amanda was doing.

But in saying all of this, I am not living Amanda's life and her husband seems to be okay with it as he says he is doing it all for her.

There were two other women profiled, one being the Krazy Coupon Lady, and a man.  All of these people have one thing in common and that is they spend a considerable amount of time collecting and organizing their coupons and researching store sales and deals.  When I say a considerable amount of time, it is like a full time job for them.  But, they save hundreds and thousands of dollars doing this.  Also, the man that was profiled did use his couponing skills in order to make big donations of food to his church's food pantry. 

So, where do I stand on extreme couponing?  I'm intrigued by it and would love to save more on couponing but since we don't have a store in town that doubles coupons, it isn't going to happen. I stayed home to be with my family to bless them with a home and I cannot fathom spending my days only on couponing and finding deals. But I do believe that if we did have such a store in our community, I would find a happy medium with couponing and taking care of my home and family.

I will not judge these people as I am not living their life.  They are doing what it is good for them and their families.  It's just too extreme for me.  What do you think?  How much do you coupon? 

Oh I almost forgot.  I did go on the Krazy Coupon Lady's website and found a great coupon - $1.00 off Xtra laundry detergent.  Our local grocery store had this detergent on sale for only $2.00 for a 48 load size.  I was able to get this detergent for only $1.00.  While I didn't get it free, it was a great deal and I would say my deal of the week.


Maureen said...

Looks like a good deal to me. I,m so sorry I missed that show, a lot of bloggers are making reference to it. Drat !!!!!!

Reizel @ FabulousSavings.com said...

Hi Martha,

Great post on TLC's Extreme Couponing. As a coupon enthusiast, I have to say that I'm not nearly as fanatical as Krazy Koupon Lady or Mr. Coupon - and this is saying a lot because I work for an online coupon company: FabulousSavings.com

We also wrote a review on the show - http://www.fabuloussavings.com/blog/a-review-of-tlcs-extreme-couponing/.

You should check it out and all our other coupons!

Thanks and have a great day =)

Elizabeth said...

I didn't watch the show. But my mom is a big coupon queen and was interviewed for the show but was not chosen. She was glad of that after watching it, as she said it did not portray the people in the right light. While it mentioned a small blurb about the guy donating items, it made them seem like extreme hoarders and she knows that they donate much of their stockpiles. So, the show is a bit extreme...making the people look even more extreme. With that said, they are probably much more "crazy" than the regular coupon users.

You may want to check out my mom's blog - she writes often about couponing in Iowa: www.marypotterkenyon.wordpress.com

Thank you, also, for all the support you've given us after Jacob's diagnosis. It's a tough, tough road but nice to know others are behind us.

Martha said...


Some of these individuals are on You Tube and are definitely shown in a better light.


Yes, it would appear that the angle came more from a hoarder viewpoint and that is why I didn't want to put myself in the place of judging these people.

It is good to hear from you.

Brenda said...

I too have watched Extreme Couponing and thought wow, how amazing to save that much money, but the way it was portrayed it came across as an addiction. Balance is the key here! I do want to take some of their strategies and try and bring my grocery bill down.

Millie said...

I am an extreme couponer and I do have a food storage with everything I need to survive very well for about 8 months...but I do not kill myself in getting coupons. I only go out twice a month and fill about 2 large bags of inserts I get in the newspaper dumpster. I live alone so I do not get things I don't need or do not use. But I do help in stocking up many families in keeping their cupboards full and the shelters cupboards full around town. I live very frugalisly and I love couponing because I can get almost anything for free. You can stop by my blog and see photos of my stock pile...also I live in Lorain Ohio...would love to meet you. Millie