January 19, 2011

Dinner Tonight - January 19th

I've been forgetting to post what I have been fixing for dinner each night.

Tonight we had cranberry pork roast.  I made this last month and had frozen half of the sauce since I had used a small roast.  I had another small pork roast to use up and it only took 50 minutes to roast it.  I baked whole potatoes along with the roast.  The best part was that having the oven on warmed up the kitchen.  The temps here have been close to zero.

I served steamed mixed vegetables with the roast and the potatoes and I also made a tossed salad of lettuces, red peppers, cucumber and tomatoes. 

For dessert we had Skondra's Tin Roof Sundae ice cream.  This is a premium ice cream that sells for close to $5 for a 1.75 quart package.  Last week I happened to walk by the ice cream section in the local Hy-Vee grocery store and I noticed a sign posting an instore special on this flavor of Skondra's ice cream for only $1.50.  I bought two containers and probably should have bought more.  I try to make it a point to go up and down each grocery aisle in case there is some kind of instore special.  Usually things get marked down when they are close to an expiration date but the ice cream had an expiration date of October 2011.  Perhaps they are going to discontinue this flavor.

Which leads to this.  Here I am complaining about the low temps here in Iowa and I am serving ice cream for dessert.  Go figure. 

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Maureen said...

It,s a bit like me having a cup of tea after Dinner tonight when the humidity was sitting at 93%

I love Ice Cream any time of the year.