January 10, 2011

Dinner Tonight - January 10th and a Little Bit of This n That

For supper tonight everyone voted on breakfast.  We had scrambled eggs, fresh cut up pineapple and little sausage pigs in a blanket.  I'll explain the latter.  I had one tube of crescent rolls leftover from the holidays that I wanted to use up.  I split them apart into a triangle and then I cut each triangle in half lengthwise to make two narrow triangles.  The result was 16 narrow triangles.  I then wrapped each triangle around a little smokie link sausage.  I sprinkled each with a little bit of brown sugar and baked them at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.  They were very, very good and a nice change from just sausage.  When I set the scrambled eggs, pineapple and sausages on the table I realized that the colors were mostly yellow.  I offered to cook some peas or broccoli to give the meal some color and my family looked at me and said "no,  that's okay."  I was kidding and couldn't believe they thought I was serious.

This morning I baked 3 dozen extra large peanut butter cookies and a batch of my chocolate caramel oatmeal bars as a prize to a local family who won the Homeowner Christmas Lighting Contest for a local news website.  I write an article for this site about twice a month and I added some homemade cookies to the prize package.  I gave them a choice of 7 different types of "homestyle" cookies and I must admit that it was kind of different baking cookies as part of a prize package. 

Early this evening I delivered the cookies to the family - a husband, wife and little baby girl.  They are such a sweet family and they recently moved to our community.

This afternoon I started to notice that I was feeling agitated and started a little bit of the OCD that I had been experiencing two weeks ago.   Not near as bad as it was before I got on Paxil but it caught me off guard.  Taking medications will not simply make everything go away, but it does make it easier to cope the majority of the time.  The interesting thing was that I decided to work out on my treadclimber and I felt 100% better after exercising.  So it is true what they say about exercising raising endorphins. 

We are in the middle of a snow storm right now.  I know it is cold and there is a lot of snow falling but it is really beautiful.  I'm sure school will be cancelled tomorrow but for an 18 year old son it isn't the same as when he was in grade school.  He'll sleep in and then be on the computer or watch t.v. tomorrow.  When he was younger he would go outside with his older brother to build a fort or play with our dog.  Still, I love when he is home for the day as he does hang around the house and he is good company. 

This week I have to get the house picked up and cleaned as next week I start on the plaster repair and painting in the livingroom.  I am on a deadline to get a lot of projects done before our son graduates from high school.  We are having his graduation party here at our house and there is nothing like a party that will push and prod you to get some projects done.  I'm having a hard time beginning as I need to do a little research on plaster repair.  But as my husband has told me over and over, I am doing this to our house and it is not like I have been hired out to do someone else's home.  In other words, it doesn't have to be perfect - nothing is perfect in this little old house.

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Maureen said...

I,m sure any work on your home will be beautiful and done with love.
We certainly are getting extremes of weather