October 29, 2010

Would you buy this????

Our local Hy-Vee grocery store is having a special "while supplies last" sale on Sunday, October 31st.  I'm curious to see what other people think of this sale. Here is the deal:

Buy six - 12 pack cans of Coke products, a 5 to 6 lb. Hormel Boneless Cure 81 Ham and one 10 to 12 lb. Jennie-o Turkey for only $19.99. 

I'm not sure if I want to get in on this sale.  For one, I would have to get up at 6:00 a.m. when the store opens as you know there will be a ton of people trying to take advantage of this sale.  I talked to someone that works at Hy-Vee yesterday and they are anticipating a large crowd.  As a rule, I don't buy pop as I love it and would drink a 12 pack in about 5 days.  Although I drink diet pop, it still isn't a good idea for someone who loves pop.

As to the ham, this is a good top quality ham that usually sells for $2.50 a lb. Turkeys will probably be on sale at Thanksgiving for 50 cents a lb. or less.  

So, would you get in on this deal if you were me?  I'm leaning towards no.  Since I don't buy pop, why would I buy it even when it is cheap?  On Tuesday we have a cross country banquet in which my husband and I supply the ham.  It is for about 160 people.  If we have leftover ham, I will be freezing it for meals so do I need another ham?  And last, I am sure that I will be able to get a big turkey on sale for less than 50 cents a lb. as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  Last year I spent 39 cents a lb. due to the economy being really bad and I hardly think things will be better this year. 

This is my thought process, but I am curious as to how others think.  I am not downing the consumption of pop, I just don't buy it as I know how quickly I would consume it and water is a better choice for me.  But, ham and turkey are on my must stock up on list for the holidays.  What do you think?


Maureen said...

Sorry I can,t help, but it sounds to me as if you are talking yourself out of this great deal !!!

Debs said...

I would say no. I often have to remind myself - it's not a bargain if it's something that you don't really need or use (so for you in this case the coke).
Save the money and mentally put it aside for when you are buying the ham and turkey and then see how much you've saved.