October 10, 2010

Weekend of Projects

I have already posted that I bake 8 to 9 dozen muffins on Thursday for my husband's cross country team to have for breakfast on Friday morning.  Our dog and our son's dog have learned that when my husband comes home from practice at 7:30 a.m. and they see him getting out of his truck with a big rubbermaid bin, they know that that bin contains some leftover muffins.  Here is how my husband is greeted:

Now comes the sit and shake before the treat is given.

That is how the weekend began.  With two dogs begging for a leftover pumpkin muffin and then it was back to:


The fence is about 200 feet and I am 2/3's of the way through painting the outside and then I will work on the inside.

Griffey and Brody, my painting buddies.

Saturday was bust up the concrete steps and pour new concrete steps. Our oldest son was on hand to help. 

Mixing up the concrete

Now we have to wait a week. 

Then today after church. . . . . . .

More painting.

I feel like that Paul Simon Song "Still Crazy After all these Years," except my version is "Still Painting After all these Years."


Maureen said...

I know it,s tedious but you are getting there.

Love your dogs, our beloved Dog died 3 years ago this week and we still miss him.

Martha said...


The black dog is ours. The yellow dog is my son's dog, Brody. Brody spends her weekday mornings at our house playing with our dog. They are great dogs. We have had several dogs over the years. Always hard when they die, but we always get another dog to love.