October 29, 2010

The Fence is Done!!

I finished painting our picket fence on Monday.  It was the last day of beautiful 70 degree and sunshiney weather.  Since then the temps have dropped and we have turned the furnace on. 

So, here it is.  I know it is hard to notice a difference because it is taken from a distance but what a dramatic difference in the way it looks when you stand on my back porch.  It looks so clean and new and the light yellow matches the trim on our house. 

Notice Brody peeking his head over the fence on the left.

I started this project back in late August and it took me almost a month to scrape both sides of that fence - a total of 400 feet in all. I couldn't work two days in a row because of my back. (Although I didn't take pictures of the entire fence for this post, this fence goes around most of our property.)
Then it took me about a month to get it painted.  It took me longer to paint than I expected as I had to work around my two painting buddies - our dog, Griffey and our son's dog, Brody.  As I moved down the fence they would move with me, laying down on either side of me and then I would have to get them to move as I moved down the fence.  Of course both of them got some paint on their fur.  Brody still has a little paint on the tip of one ear, and Griffey has some paint around the tip of her tail.  She kept wagging her tail next to the fence while she was watching me.

Also, we had several, about 20 pickets, that were rotted. My husband made a template and then was able to make some new pickets out of one by two's using his jig saw to make the picket design at the top.  He did a great job. 

I had one more painting project that I had on a wish list - not a necessity but it was on the wish list in case I had the time.  That was to paint some of the fish scale shingles over our diningroom window and livingroom window.  I can always do this in the Spring.

So, 6 gallons of paint later, it is done.  I am taking a 10 day break from painting projects as I need to deep clean my poor neglected house.  Then, I will start patching the plaster walls in our livingroom and will be painting those walls.  Somehow I think that will be a slightly easier project as I don't have to worry about the weather in order to paint inside.

I have warned my family that this year for Christmas the only decoration going up is the Christmas tree as I want to keep painting into the hallway, diningroom and the kitchen. 


Moxie said...

Very PRETTY....you did a great job!!!

Maureen said...

Yes indeed a long job, but so worth it, you have done a fabulous job.