October 06, 2010

Treasure Friendships

Monday night I went to bed with a stomach ache and yesterday I woke up with a stomach ache.  I was light headed and had a headache.  So I did what any woman would do, that doesn't have young children that is, I sat in the comfy chair in the living room and fell back asleep, woke up at 10:00 a.m. and decided I had to get up. 

My husband told me that I have been over doing with all of the outside work and that I am probably worn out.  My house is in disorder. I need to clean but would rather spend my days outside getting the work done.  Winter is just around the corner and the weather is phenomenal right now.  It is in the 70's and sunshiney and that is the forecast for the next 7 days.  After that, who knows, so I have been pushing myself.  Also I have been isolating myself at home in order to get the work done.  I can go days without seeing or talking to a friend because I have been so focused on the projects that I must get done before winter. 

So I proceeded with caution and did a couple loads of laundry and started to pick up the clutter.  Then, the doorbell rang.  It was a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  Now imagine your house in disarray, dusty, somewhat dirty, laundry baskets with unfolded clothes in them and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and around on the kitchen counter.  Clutter is everywhere.  I opened the door and let her in.  I knew she wouldn't judge and would understand my situation.  So we sat at the diningroom table, drank a cup of coffee and caught up on what was going on in our lives.  This friend is a farmer's wife and she understands the need to get projects done, especially this time of year.  So, we have made a commitment to get together after I am done with my painting projects and my hope is that we can go away for a day trip somewhere.  In the meantime, we will have the opportunity for quick cups of coffee. 

This friend was the medicine that I needed.  I have been tied down to this house for a long time and I haven't been getting out enough.  The weight of everything that has to get done before winter has been weighing heavy on me.  In the meantime I will work on the projects and take some time out for me. 

I think God sent this friend my way so that I could spend the time connecting with another woman and take my mind off of all the things I need to get done.  Lesson learned.  Friendships are important to the mental health of women in general and to the stay at home wife/mom, those friendships are even more important.  I need to cherish those friendships and even when I am busy, take the time to connect with a friend.  I cannot isolate myself when I have a lot to get done.  Instead I need to take coffee breaks with a friend every now and then just like I did when I was in the workforce.  All work and no play does not make for a fun day or life.  

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Maureen said...

Just be careful as soon as you venture out there you will have to spend money.LOL :)

You sound wornout start looking after yourself girl !!!