October 02, 2010

The Shed - My Hubby is Happy

Well, after a one week delay, we finally finished the shed today.  Doesn't my hubby look happy?

He has wanted a shed for a long, long time.  We researched all different kinds of sheds and priced them all.  Finally we thought about what we would put in the shed  - our lawn mower, weed wacker, bikes in the winter, my clothesline poles, clothesline and pins and lawn chairs.  The goal was to get as much stuff out of the garage so that about the only thing we would keep in the garage was my Kia Sportage, basketballs and the storm windows in the warm weather. 

This shed is the heavy, duty plastic type and it will serve us well.  It is 10 by 7 1/2 feet.  He built a floor for it and it is attached to the floor.  We ruled out metal sheds as they rust over time.  When we priced the cost of building a shed from wood, we ruled it out due to the cost.  It was more than double what we paid for this shed.  Last but not least, it was on sale and we got a good deal. 

It was a family affair building this shed.

Those boxes were heavy.

Place Part A in Part B

Oops - I think we're missing some pieces!!!

My oldest son and wife.
My daughter in law helped me scrape the fence while the "men" worked on the shed. 

This is the original spot where we started to build the shed.  Then as we were building it we realized that this spot wasn't going to work and also that some pieces were missing.  My husband called the company and they shipped the missing parts and they were here in two days. 

In the meantime here is what it looked like sitting in our backyard.

Yep, a half built box of a shed sat like this all week long until we could work on it today.  I kept waiting for some neighbors to ask me what we were building.  I was going to reply "a half built box." 

On Thursday our college football player neighbors helped us move this to the final spot and all is well.  Building this will be full of memories such as our sons working with their dad to put it together and the two of us finishing it today.  It was fun to scrape the fence with my daughter in law and her and I laughing at watching the "men" working together to get this project finished.

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