March 20, 2010

What's for Dinner Tonight?

As with all new things, I forgot to post last week what we were having to eat on certain nights.  So, in an attempt to catch up, here is what we had on Thursday night.

Fried Chicken (I love to fry chicken and am hoping some day to snag a buy on a cast iron skillet)
Baked Potatoes
Homemade dinner rolls
Green Beans

For Dessert:  Texas Apple Cobbler

It was close to 60 degrees on Thursday so we opened up the windows and the doors and enjoyed the warmth of an almost spring day. 

Last night it snowed. 

Tomorrow I have decided that we will have chili in the crockpot and grilled cheese sandwiches to eat after we get home from church.

Well, as they say, this is Iowa.  If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.


Moxie said...

LOL...I'm in Ohio and our weather is about the same!!! 60's for the past few days...but snow maybe due again over the week end...eek! I love fried chicken too but rarley do it as we eat so much of it...the "bucket" is easier-LOL- cop out I know! You should post your recipe for us :)

Martha said...

I will have to measure the next time I make fried chicken. I take about a cup of flour and sprinkle in salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and poultry seasoning and dredge the chicken pieces in it.

This is about one of the only things I don't make with a recipe.