February 10, 2010

New job for my DH

Back in January I wrote a post about worry and towards the end I told how I felt my DH's job was in the toilet.  Well much has changed.  12 days ago my DH received a phone call from the president of a local company.  He had a job opening and wanted to hire my DH. We know this man and when someone in his company took another job, he remembered my DH.

The job is a dream job, but it isn't without risks.  It is a smaller company than the one he works at now so in time it could be bought out by another company.  He has decided the regret of not taking that job far outweigh any risks. 

Since this has happened my DH is so happy.  He will be making the same amount of money and will receive the same benefits but there is a major difference.  The president of the company will be his boss and they mutually respect each other. 

We are blessed.

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