February 27, 2010

Tired of Stuff

I'm surrounded by stuff.  My clothes closet is jammed packed with clothes.  Many of the items I don't wear anymore.  I need to be bold and go in there and get rid of the stuff.  Then there is the old craft stuff.  Unfinished crafts from 20 years ago.  They need to go.  I have files of papers and saved magazine articles. Then there are the kitchen cupboards. I have too much furniture, too many games and puzzles and more stuff than a family needs to have.  It's time to get rid of all that stuff.  Do you sense a theme here?

The problem with getting rid of stuff is that you can start to purge a closet and then you become overwhelmed and give up.  I am not going to sit on the floor of my bedroom and spend time becoming emotionally attached to clothes that either don't fit me anymore or are out of style.

What is the point of owning things that you can't get to, that you have even forgotten that you own or that have no use or purpose? 

I am going to devote 2 hours each week to going through my stuff and getting rid of things.  One local charity makes it very easy to donate items.  You pull up along the back of their building, push a button and then their doors slide open and there is someone there to help you unload the items you are going to donate.  How easy is that? 

I would rather open closets that have a moderate amount of items in them than open doors to closets that are stuffed full of things. In the end I will be bringing more peace into my daily life.  Who doesn't crave peace?


Moxie said...

I so agree that it's better to just keep a few well loved and used items than ust a big bunch of "stuff". All that stuff just takes too much time to take care of...let it go so others can be blessed with it!

tammyyarbrough said...

Have you ever seen the show "Horders"? For some strange reason, it really motivates me to take what seems like a REALLY HUGE task and get finished with it lickety split!! ;)

Martha said...

Yes I have seen the show "Hoarders." It is rather sad to watch as I cannot fathom what it would be like to be a Hoarder. I suppose in some respect some individuals would look at my pantry as hoarding, but it is far from it. We are using everything up; stuff is not just sitting on the shelves for years.