February 13, 2010

Lunch with my BFF

One week ago my BFF called me to see if I would like to go shopping with her in Des Moines and have lunch out.  We do this about once a year.  It is our day away shopping in the "big" city.  This week our family hit a budget crunch and I knew that we could not afford to have me go shopping and go out to eat.  My DH disagreed and he handed me some cash for lunch and told me to go.  In his words "sometimes you just need to get away."  I felt guilty, but I went.

We stopped at Kohl's and began to look at the sales racks.  My BFF picked out several items to try on and I found out that there are some really ugly clothes out there.  Who wears this stuff?  Perhaps that is why the clearance racks were full. 

My BFF earns a 6 figure salary whereas our total family income is far below that.  Money has never been an issue in our friendship.  She has always been able to buy anything she wants so she was not limited to the clearance racks. 

I followed her around the store helping her look for certain items. While she tried on clothes, I searched the racks.  Guess what?  I was having fun and I wasn't the one spending big bucks on clothes. 

After she had tried on a bunch of clothes and shoes we headed to the bath section as I have been on the search for a new shower curtain for over a year.  By this time we were kind of silly and she suggested that I purchase the Curious George shower curtain.  The sad thing about it is that I think my DS would like that in his bathroom.  We were laughing and having a good time.

From Kohl's off we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I was looking at the drapes and all of them had tassels and ribbons hanging from them.  My BFF commented that "it looks like a giant cat toy."  Now we are getting to the point that the shopping is over and we are making fun of designers, so it was time for lunch at the Macaroni Grill.  We were laughing all the way out of Bed, Bath and Beyond and we were still giggling when we walked into the Macaroni Grill. 

That is what it is like when we get together.  We get silly and we have fun being girlfriends. 

We had left at 9:00 a.m. and were home by 3:00 p.m.  My DH was right.  Lunch out with my BFF and helping her shop for clothes was just what I needed - girl time.  Oh and as to lunch - it was $15.00 with tip.  It felt so good to sit down in a decent restaurant, be served, listen to beautiful Italian music and enjoy some time with my BFF.

As a side note, I grew up in Jamestown, New York.  Jamestown is Lucille Ball's birthplace.  My BFF is my Ethel and this clip from I Love Lucy sums up our friendship.

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