April 21, 2011

Tips from the Early Years of my Marriage

Back in the early 1980’s I started to collect some tips for saving money. These tips were supplied by women at my church and from women’s magazines.

I would write the tips on an index card and file them alphabetically in an index box. At some point I lost this box, at least I thought I had. I came across it recently when I was going through some boxes of books. Opening that box brought me back to the early years of our marriage when I was hoping that I would be able to quit my job and stay home. As I looked at the tips I realized that I had forgotten so many of them.

Here are a few:

Coffee Carafe: Remove stains with a wet cloth dipped in baking soda.

Eggs: Add hard cooked eggs to sandwich spreads to stretch the meat.

Floor Wax: Dilute floor wax with two parts hot water. It will go a long way and dry faster.

Kitchen floors: Stick moleskin to the bottom of your table and chairs to prevent marks on the floor.

Floors: To remove soap film, mop with ½ cup vinegar and 1 gallon lukewarm water.

Floor Wax substitution: Add ½ cup cornstarch to a gallon of lukewarm water and mop. It will make your floor shine.

Black Heel Marks: Remove from floor with a damp cloth and baking soda.

Citrus Peels: Freeze lemon and orange rinds. Grate frozen as needed.

Fruit Juices: Save unused canned fruit juices and freeze. Put on broiled chicken or use in a fruit punch.

Wrapping Paper: Use newspaper and red ribbon for an all occasion wrapping paper.

Inexpensive Gift: An index box of family recipes

Clogged Iron: Pour white vinegar into the iron and let it steam for about 5 minutes. Unplug the iron and let it cool for awhile. Empty vinegar and rinse the iron thoroughly by pouring water in and out.

Iron with built up starch: Scrub cool iron with nylon net or toothbrush and a little baking soda.

Jams and Jellies: Put bits of jams and jellies in 1 jar. Use melted as a baste for chicken, ham or lamb.

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