April 13, 2011

Masterpiece Classic T.V.

I love period t.v. movies and shows.  I came across Downton Abbey on Netflix and I have found this such an enjoyable series.  In the first season it opens in April 1912 with the sinking of the Titanic and it ends the first season with World War I breaking out. 

The series is centered around Downton Abbey, which is a sprawling, lavish Edwardian mansion in North Yorkshire, England and the family that lives in it.  The series is not just about this family but also about the servants that are in service to this family.

If you have a Netflix subscription you can watch this online.  The costumes are beautiful and it is interesting to see the life of the aristocrats along with their servants.

I watched the "new" Upstairs, Downstairs this week and I loved it.  I remember the original series when it began 40 years ago.  I have been turning to PBS and BBC America for a lot of my t.v. watching lately or should I say t.v. "listening" as I have these shows on while I am painting.

I highly recommend Downton Abbey and can hardly wait til the second season begins.

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