April 08, 2011

Hold That Thought . . . .

 I am completely worn out and tired. I've been battling a cold so I am going to delay blogging today's post to Monday, the 11th.  Tomorrow is Prom here in our community and our son is attending and on Sunday evening I am co-leading the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace seminar at our church.  I need to get ready for the seminar and I know that tomorrow I will also be going with my son and his date to get their pictures taken around town.

And if that wasn't enough this morning we awoke to some pipes leaking in our basement.  Our plumber was quick to get here and quick to get the repairs done.  The only problem is we have a bunch of stuff that got soaked and we need to go through everything and find what we can keep and what needs to be pitched.  Fortunately it was stuff that wasn't that important anyway. 

I need to go to bed and rest in order to have the energy I will need to get everything done this weekend.  We'll see if I can really do it as I love to blog and I love to look at all the blogs that I am following. It's hard to stay away for long. 

I should add one more thing before I go, I am doing great on the $25 grocery budget I gave myself. 

So ... hold that thought and I will be back by Sunday evening or Monday morning to discuss the review on the Tightwad Gazette II --- if I can stay away that long. 


Lisa @Cents To Save said...

hope you feel better!

Kris Watson said...

Thinking of you as i hear of the tornado. Let us know if you are okay.

Martha said...

I am feeling a lot better. It was good to take a break - didn't have time to post with prom and church.

We did not receive the tornadoes in our area of the State, but that does not mean that we should be slackers. It is tornado season in Iowa and we are always on the alert.

I'll be back to posting tomorrow evening.