April 03, 2011

Going to Church Makes a Difference

It never ceases to amaze me what volunteering can do for a person's mood.  I'm so upbeat today after spending time with our church youth group and a youth committee planning the upcoming year.  Of course there was also our Adult Sunday School class and church service that had a great impact on me.  Then there was the 80 degree weather and a visit by our son and DIL, along with our grand dog for some conversation, laughter and somewhere in there a quick one on one basketball game.

I can't change some things in my life, but I can change how I react towards them.  I can also focus on what I have instead of what I don't.  I may not have a relationship with my sister, but I have wonderful relationships with my husband, sons and daughter in law.

What a blessed Sunday and great way to start the week.

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Kris Watson said...

You "I can only change how I react" mention sure came at a perfect time. We have very similar situations with our sisters. Mine keeps making posts on the blog telling me off. Today's had a "When are you going to start giving to others, you selfish *****" flavor. She does this a lot, and I am working extremely hard to change my responses. I am trying the "a soft answer turneth away wrath" method. I do not publish her comments, and do not respond privately at all. Instead, my next day's post glorifies the Lord and all He has done. That's the only way I can stay focused on being a reflection of Christ. But oh boy do I want to retaliate!!!

So glad you had such a wonderful day. I love reading your blog; I feel we have a lot in common.