April 11, 2011

Grocery Spending for the week of April 4 through April 10

Last week was week four of my grocery budget of $25.00. Here is how I did. I started out the list with junk food. If you look at the rest of the list you will see fruit and dairy.

Keep in mind that I have plenty of cheese in my fridge. I started the week with plenty of apples and some bananas. I also have plenty of carrots and potatoes on hand too. I have blueberries in my freezer along with frozen orange juice and vegetables so we do get fruits and vegetables every day.

Here’s my list for Week Four.

$1.66 - Diet Pepsi - 12 pack plus deposit
$3.58 - Two bags store brand cheese puffs
$1.99 - Store brand potato chips - 1 lb.
$1.39 - Azteca Flour Tortillas
$4.79 - Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing
$1.37 - Braeburn Apples
$0.75 - Roma Tomato
$1.03 - Bananas
$1.50 - Red Pepper
$1.39 - 1 loaf wheat bread
$1.19 - Lettuce
$3.30 - 1 gallon 1% milk

I bought some non-essential items such as the pop. It was on sale cheap and I enjoy an occasional can of pop so this was a treat. Then I bought some junk food such as the cheese puffs and potato chips as a request from my son and husband. They have eaten half of these so I doubt I will need to buy any additional treats this week.

I have a recipe for the salad dressing and I usually make the flour tortillas but on Friday we had leaky pipes and we had to call a plumber. I spent some time cleaning out the mess in the basement so I was too tired to make salad dressing and tortillas.

Even so the total amount spent was $23.94. If I wouldn’t have bought the junk food or pop, I would have saved more.


judy said...

You are really doing great. I am going food shopping this week and have a budget of 50.00. That is all there is but we are well stocked in the pantry and freezer so it should be good.

I buy a case of cola every week and keep it in my car. I don't drink coffee or tea so this is my one luxury. I drink one can a day at work.


Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Your budget is amazing! I would love to whittle down my grocery spending!

Martha said...

@Lisa@Cents To Save:

Remember that I have been able to spend so little because I have a stockpile of food in my pantry and freezer. I didn't spend full price on any of my stockpile, I got everything on sale and with coupons.

This has really helped our budget this month.