September 19, 2010

A Movie Review - Hidden Places

I highly recommend this Hallmark movie.  It is absolutely a wonderful, family friendly, good moral, great values movie.  There - so you must rent it from Netflix.  It is set in the 1930's depression.  Eliza is widowed with two children and lives on an orange farm owned by her father in law.  Her father in law's sister lives on the farm also.  The father in law dies suddenly and the bank calls the loan.  In order to pay off the loan, they have to pick the orange crop by themselves.  Gabe appears one day, riding the rails, looking for work.   I'll leave it at that except for one more thing, Gabe prays in the movie as does the Aunt.  When the going gets tough, they turn to prayer.

It is a pull together type of family movie.  I loved it so much that after renting it a couple of times from Netflix I bought it (used - less than $5.00 of course) to add to my home library. 


Moxie said...

This sounds like another goodie! I really enjoyed the Farmer's wife- My library had that one! Although I did look the couple up on google after watching and sadly the marriage did not make it :(

Martha said...

Yes, you will love this movie. Hallmark does a good job of producing many great movies.