September 09, 2010

The Fence Project

I'm tired and need to go to bed, but I wanted to post pictures of my "fence" project. Scraping, priming and painting an old wooden picket fence is quite a job.

Yes, it's a lot of fence.

People have walked by and told me that I should buy one of those plastic fences that requires no maintenance. Sure, I would love to, but I don't have around $6,000 for the plastic fence so the wooden picket fence will do just fine.

I am thankful to whoever invented the MP3 player. I love to listen to music or the radio while I have been working on that fence. Seems to make the project move along a little faster.

Really it isn't just working on the fence that has me tired out, but I went for a 10 mile bike ride this afternoon on the bike trail that goes around our town. My DH and I have been biking each evening but last night we left too late and came home in the dark. We have lights on our bikes, but still, it was poor planning. So if I am going to get my bike ride in I have to do it during the day now. Why is this so important to me? Riding a bike through the woods on a bike trail that circles around beautiful scenery is just soothing to my soul AND it is the best workout for me.

Then this evening after making supper I baked 8 dozen muffins for my DH's cross country team for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Oh and when I ran out to get some more baking powder, I came across a great in store sale at a grocery store - Ragu pasta sauce - 26 oz. jar for only 69 cents - limit of ten.  Yahoo!!!

Yes, I am tired, but I will definitely sleep good tonight.


Maureen said...

Plastic fencing what is the world coming too !!! A job well done congratulations, it looks really pretty

Martha said...

Yes, a wood fence has some maintenance to it over the years, but I just could not see a plastic fence around my yard. That isn't very green when you think about it. We can make pickets (to replace the rotted ones) from extra wood from other projects.

I told my DH that if we wanted to put up plastic fencing we should use all the Legos plastic building blocks that we still have on hand from when our boys were little. LOL.