September 02, 2010

Homemaker Mentor Links

I had a few comments about the Homemaker Mentor site that I wrote about on September 1st, so I have added to my sidebar two links to the Homemaker Mentor.  The first button will take you to the site and will offer a free download after signing up for the newsletter.  I have also added a second button if you would be interested in ordering any homemaking lessons for girls. 

I don't as a rule include ads on my site but I have added these buttons and links as I truly believe in what the Homemaker Mentor is all about and acknowledge for myself how valuable the lessons have been for me.  So, click on one of the buttons and check out Martha Greene's Homemaker Mentor site.

1 comment:

debbie said...

I love ur site and we are onlya year apart I'm 54 soon to be 55 in Oct. I too was a big spender when my kids were young and now that I'm older I cringe at the wasted money. And its all sitting somewhere inmy house.arg