September 19, 2010

Gotta Laugh at Yourself Sometimes

Yesterday I decided to bake an apple pie for today's lunch.  Seem's easy enough, right? 


and another view

This is what is remaining of the big rubbermaid bin that I use to store the 8 dozen muffins I bake every Thursday evening for my DH's cross country team for breakfast on Friday mornings. 

The before picture

On Friday when he came home from practice I put this large container in the oven for safe keeping.  There were about 1 dozen muffins left and I didn't want our dog to get into it while I was taking a shower.  There it set in the oven, unforgotten until yesterday when I started to preheat the oven to bake the apple pie.

So in about 5 minutes I started to small something funny and I opened the oven door and there were gobs of plastic melting in my oven.  I did what every other woman would do, I screamed.  My DH ran into the kitchen while I grabbed two potholders, pulled the oven rack out with the melting plastic bin.  My DH held the back door open for me and I ran out in the back yard with the mess. 

We started to carefully scrape hot plastic off of the oven rack.  We got as much off as we could then we soaked the rack in a steamy hot bathtub of water to try to make the plastic more pliable.  While it soaked I inspected the inside of the oven.  There were just two small pieces of plastic on the bottom of the oven and they came right off.  Well, in order to get the rest of the plastic off of the rack we resorted to heating up the oven with the rack in it (the hot water in the bathtub didn't work).  Then when the plastic started to melt again we pulled it out, ran into the back yard again and was able to pry the rest of the plastic off the rack. 

One hour after first discovering the plastic mess, I started to bake the apple pie.

The pie was good and there was no plastic aftertaste.

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Maureen said...

I,m laughing out loud at the look on your face when you discovered what you,d done. Priceless.