May 02, 2012

A Puppy is like having a Newborn

Molly all worn out . . . .
. . . . from playing in the sprinkler.

Oh my Lord -- I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house. I remember some things -- like the persistence in getting the puppy outside in time to "potty" and also the constant wanting to bite and chew on me, but I forgot about all the time it takes out of your day to work with a puppy. Hence instead of staying up and writing my posts for this blog I have been going to bed early so I have energy.

Molly is at the new cycle of life and our other dog, our beloved Griffey, is towards the end of her life cycle. I am housebreaking Molly and I am diapering Griffey on her bad days. By bad days, Griffey is "leaking" as they say in the Vet world or has some issues of incontinence. Her liver enzymes are elevated also. However, that is all that is wrong with this wonderful black lab of 12 years. The vet has told us that it will be only a matter of time that this leads to other issues so we may need to start to have "the talk." It doesn't mean we are going to put her down right away, it only means that we need to talk about it so that when the time comes, we have a game plan.

Griffey sporting her diaper

Here is the plan - I will be with Griffey when they put her down and then for the week after I will be crying. Talking about it ahead of time helps with dealing with the grief process down the road.

When the time comes to put Griffey down, it has to be my husband's decision as Griffey is his dog and since I love my husband very much I am willing to diaper a dog when necessary. I diaper Griffey when she needs it and I let her go diaper free in the backyard.

This is leading to my next post -- all of this time spent with the dogs has left little time for any kind of organizing or planning which has led me to "fly by the seat of my pants" all the time. And this has led to spending money. So, it is time to put a "diaper" on the spending and avoid any leaks as much as possible.

Okay - Molly is asleep and it looks like from the previous sentence I need to get out of the house and take a break.


Rhonda said...

you are a very good dog mommy to do so much for them.
I've never heard of doggie diapers, and am amazed that Griffey wears them without trying to take them off. But I would want him wearing them when he leaks.

I know just what you mean about flying by the seat of your pants when you are so busy.. It takes time to be frugal and do frugal things. Hope you soon find a routine that works for you.

Kimba the Mighty said...

Losing a furry friend is so hard. We've had to do it because of old age and illness. And recently, because he was a larger dog who had 'turned' on my father.
My heart goes out to you during it.

A new little life is a fun adventure though. (We adopted a brother and sister from the shelter a year ago. And it's still very interesting at times.)

Have fun.