May 21, 2012

Getting a Job or Not.

For those of us living on one income, there does come a point when you question what you are doing. This is happening to me. Last week there were a few advertisements in the newspaper for jobs. These are real jobs and not just the "call this 1-800 number for more information" type of jobs. It got me to thinking. Should I apply for the three secretarial positions available? 

Do I want to apply for a job and if I got a job, do I really want to do this? Over the weekend I spent some time pondering this question. Am I serious about being a full time stay at home homemaker or do I want to go back to work and resume my career? 

The bottom line is that I feel we need more money in the bank for emergency home needs such as replacing a furnace, central air conditioner and other items. Money is what is really driving this thought process and how can I generate the money.

BUT the other side of this conversation is do I want to trade 40 hours out of my week for money and do I need to? What amount of money per week am I comfortable earning/generating to put into savings and does it require my working a full time job?

I have been home for almost 3 years now and my family is used to my being home. For that matter, I am used to it and I like the freedom it brings to me and my family. As the mom/wife I generally set the tone for the home and I am the one that is generally in charge of most things domestic. I may choose not to clean or do laundry, but I do believe that as long as I am home full time that is my responsibility and my job. Am I ready to trade my time and then do these things on the weekend with help?

Do you identify with the above? This has been quite a dialogue I have been having with myself. 

This morning my alarm went off at 6:00 as usual. I get up at 6:30 and my first thought was, I'm glad I don't have to get up and shower right away and get ready to go to work at an office. I like my freedom and I like being home. 

As I brewed a cup of coffee a number came to me - $100 a week. That is the amount I would like to come up with each week to either earn or find ways to cut from my budget in order save each week. I want this to be tangible. By tangible, I am planning to get to a goal of $100 saved and then open up a bank account and actually put money in it each week as a separate household account. Having a separate account to track my savings will give me the incentive I need to keep doing what I need to do.

So, what ideas do I have to generate the income or cut back and save the money? Well, I do believe that a bulk of it is going to come from finding a way to earn some money. I have some ideas and will post about those later. My goal is to do the research and be ready with a game plan by June 1st. That is only 10 days away so I need to get to work and evaluate how I can save money or earn money without sacrificing my enjoyment of being a full time homemaker.


Rhonda said...

I've been home since Feb 2009 after working full time since 2003. Husband and I were talking just yesterday how much we like me being at home. I could work if I had to but it would be difficult and would probably not enjoy it. I am truly a homebody at heart.

Finances have forced me into the work force as our children were growing up and needed things. I always worked because I had to.

Hope you can find a way to come up with at $100 a week!

Phoebe said...

very interesting. I would love to be a sahw, as we do not have children. There are times when I feel God wants that for me as well but..........financially I can't do that right now, so I guess you could say I am scared to step out in faith.
$100 a week sounds like a doable thing. Do the girls who live with you pay anthing at all for rent or groceries? If not, how do you feel about the possibility of them helping you meet this $100 a week goal. I just thought I would throw that out there.
I am 50, not much money not a ton of debt....under 5000 for a car and under 50000 for our home but like I stated we don't have much at all put aside. I fritter the money each month and we have nothing to show for it. I admire what you have been able to do these last 3 years.
Also.......and this is big, what does your husband want you to do?
Keep up the good work as you are a blessing to those of us in the land of the blogs.

Juhli said...

With summer vacation time coming up perhaps you could provide secretarial services on a temp basis. I know a pet sitter/dog walker who makes a good living. Someone who is recuperating from surgery might pay to be driven or have errands run. I don't know your community but I bet your talents could be put to use on a paid project/occasional basis. I think you have mentioned volunteering at your church which would give you a great place to network to get ideas and work.

Maureen said...

I am at exactly the same place as you just now. I want/need another $100 a week in order to feel comfortable about staying home. Unfortunately because I am looking after MIL I really don't have an option.
I have no skills to offer anyone on the PC my typing skills are minimal and I would never be able to offer my services to anyone as a Bookeeper, which limits my choices.
Can't wait to hear what youre plans are .....

Martha said...

@ Phoebe:

Per the girls that live with us, they are struggling financially to make it through school and that is why we opened our home to them. They add to our life and you can't put a price on that.