May 04, 2012

Phone Apps that are Helpful

We dropped our land lines about 2 years ago. It was a great move especially during the "political season." I am learning more and more to take advantage of all the "Apps" out there for my Android phone - the free ones of course. These Apps keep me on track and have become a great help to me. Here are few of my favorites.

1. I use the App "Any.Do" as my list for writing anything and everything down that I need to do. I consider it my answer to the little piece of paper that I would right things down and then would lose by the end of the day. You can write your things to remember under "Today," "Tomorrow," "This Week," and "Later." Why do I like this App? It is simple and isn't complicated at all. It is easy to move things around and cross them off.

2. "Out of Milk" is the App I use for my shopping list. I simply create lists for each grocery store with what I am going to buy. It is easy to manage the lists and cross off the item after you have purchased it. You can also use the to do list, but I prefer the Any.Do list for a to do list. You can create a pantry list with this App which I plan to do as soon as I find the time.

3. "Prayer List" is the App I use to keep track of any prayer needs and also prayers answered. I love this App as it helps me track prayers.

4. "Spentable" is the App I recently downloaded to track my spending under different categories. So far it is working quite well and is helping me to get back on track and spend less.

5. "Prayers and Blessings" is an App that shows a different prayer and Bible verse each day. I like it's simplicity. You can easily share the prayer and Bible verse with anyone via e-mail, text message, clipboard or Social networking. There are days I need a quick "lift" and I find that all I need to do is to look at the prayer and verse of the day.

6. "DVD Shelf" is the App that I use to keep track of my d.v.d. library. This is a really fun App. You simply scan the bar code of your d.v.d. and it is automatically added to your "library" along with a picture of the front of the dvd. I love owning dvd's and there are times that I am out bargain shopping at Goodwill and I come across d.v.d.'s on sale for $1.00. I'll find one and wonder if I already have it. Many times I buy d.v.d.'s on sale as gifts and sometimes I get mixed up as to if I own it or bought it as a gift for someone else. This keeps me on track.

What do I look for in an app for my phone? I look at the reviews and then I make sure it is free. Also, I like apps that aren't too complicated. The more complicated, means the less I will use it. If I am going to grab my phone to quickly enter some kind of information, then I don't want to go through a lot of work to do it.

Why do I like Apps? They make my life easier. If I can quickly write something down that I must remember later, then Any.Do helps me. If I need something from the grocery store, then "Out of Milk" takes care of that for me. Because I need to track my spending, I love "Spentable." I love "DVD shelf" because it helps me organize my d.v.d. library. And because I am mindful of those in need and of my own spiritual needs, I love "Prayer List" and "Prayers and Blessing."

What are your favorite Apps?

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Rhonda said...

my cell phone is not smart enough to do apps but my Kindle Fire does.
My favorites are nothing as useful as your though, I like Words with Friends, and another word game called Dabble.