May 27, 2012

Getting a Job or Not - Part 3

Trying to find a way to increase our income has been a good exercise for me as it has made me really focus on what I want to do with my life. 

My desire has been to put $100 per week in savings by either earning $100 or by combining additional saving strategies with earning some income to total $100 a week.  

Here is what has happened in the past week. I investigated ways to earn an income outside of the home. I had the opportunity to go to work full time and at the same time I had an opportunity to piece meal some small jobs together. What did I learn about myself? I have learned three things. 

1. I really have come to value my time at home. It has taken me 3 years to truly realize the value of having the luxury of making my day my own and the independence it brings to my life and my family's life.

2. I need something to call my own - that is what a "job" can bring to my life. Something that takes me away from my house that doesn't involve my family. It is totally mine.

3. Money doesn't need to be earned by traditional nine to five jobs.

I decided that while the full time job would bring in a considerable amount of money quickly, it would also bring some problems. I really sat down and considered it and in the end I realized that although I had worked in an office setting for many, many years that perhaps it was time to consider something completely different for me to do.  I was a legal assistant preparing legal documents and now I am going to do something completely different.

I am going to help a friend in her Merle Norman cosmetic's store when she needs me. I helped her out on Thursday and I had a wonderful afternoon. I will be helping her again this Wednesday. It surprised me that I was having a lot of fun working in that type of environment and as I walked home at the end of the afternoon I knew that I had found a new interest and that was the direction I needed to go in. The office job would be stressful and I had already been that route before. 

In looking for opportunities to earn money I also have to consider what I can and cannot do. I have lower back problems and while I work out and lift weights to help strengthen my back, I cannot do a lot of physical work. For example, I cannot clean my entire house in a day. I have to pace myself and split it up into 2 days. So housecleaning is definitely out.

I am going to start sewing some aprons and I hope to sell these via friends on my Facebook page and perhaps on Etsy. This most likely will happen in the fall when I will have more time for sewing. 

More fabric purchased for $1.00 and $2.00 a yard on clearance.
This morning at church a friend told me that a local bakery is looking for some part time help for the summer only. I would pursue that but my son's former girlfriend works there and that would be kind of awkward. I really like her and don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Networking and "putting the word out" is one of the best ways for finding part time or temporary work.  The important thing is to let everyone know that you are not limiting yourself to what jobs you held in the past.  You are open to something new. 

I now know that I can earn some money by working at my friend's store and by other creative means. It is very possible for me to earn an extra $100 a week over time. In other words it will take some time for me to be able to find enough work (or sales) to net $100 a week, but it will be worth it. 

Nothing happens over night, but it will happen. I know it. Then I will increase my goal. In the meantime I will balance earning some extra money per week, with finding more ways to save money so that I can net $100 in savings per week.

What ways will I find to save more money? I am working on a few ideas. More later.


Maureen said...

I got back word today from the UK and I will be getting a pension from The British Gov. of $88 Australian per week, this will fluctuate according to exchange rates, so I am almost at my goal of $100.
So with selling Avon and the odd Ebay sale I should be able to manage and stay home.
I knew you find a way which suited both yourself and earning a little spare cash, we are a resourceful lot us Women.....

Debby said...

good luck to you! Your off on a great adventure

Phoebe said...

That is great news. I work fulltime now and really wish I didn't. Not to be lazy but to have my days be "my days". To do what I really want to do. Right now, I can't do this but I do think will God's help this will eventually happen.
I too have lower back problems that cause issues. People with good backs don't know how blessed they are.
I think you will enjoy the Merle Norman store. You make some money but you also have contact with the outside world, so to speak.
Keep it up, you WILL have that extra $100 before you know it. You are a blessing to so many people-your family, your church and those girls who live with you. the Lord will bless you even more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha - I am loving your blog. I too am at home following a choice to leave my almost full-time job. But I did want some money to "call my own." Recently I have begun cleaning - one job is every week and the other is every two weeks. It's the best hourly rate I have ever made and I am able to set the time and date. I have a friend who also cleans and this fall we will look at teaming up and cleaning. Again for both of us it will only be part-time. It will be fun to see what you come up with in your $100 weekly quest!