June 07, 2011

What If? - Case No. 5 - Helping Someone in Need

You find out that there is a neighbor that lives 4 houses down the street from you that is going through some hard times.  You don't know this neighbor very well because she is extremely shy and doesn't say much to anybody.  This neighbor is a single mom and someone else in the neighborhood that knows her better told you that she thinks this mom is running low on food.  Another neighbor told you that she won't let her kids play with the single mom's kids because she thinks that the kids have head lice. 

You and you family are on a limited budget but you want to do something for this single mom.  What can you do?


~Carla~ said...

I've been in this situation before actually... My son was friends with the little boy & through the boy I found out they were really struggling. It was winter & COLD & the boy was still wearing a light jacket to school. :( My son had 2 Columbia's, so we gave one to the boy & I squeezed out $50 from our meager budget at the time to buy her a few bags of groceries. She was grateful & I was happy to help.

judy said...

We actually had a similar situation so I can comment a little. First thing I did was buy a 40.00 Pathmark card(what I had to spare) and dropped it in her mailbox with a small note that I didn't know her personally but I have been on the same road.

My kids were much older so playing with her wasnt an issue but my son did go down and mow her lawn whenever he did ours which kept the city from giving her a ticket. Do what you can..help where you can...but do not ask for thanks

I love this series

Phoebe said...

Oh goodness, this is a different type of scenerio. First, I think it best to try to begin some type of relationship with this woman. Just drop by to say hi, that sort of thing. It does not have to be something that takes weeks to do but it gives you a chance to meet her, get to know her a little bit better and most of all it gives her a chance to get to know her neighbors. I am not a single parent but I can only imagine how lonely they can feel. If she is indeed shy, I don't think she would appreciate it knowing her business is being told to other neighbors, unless she gave permission to do so. Sometimes I think even though we mean well, we use these situations to participate in gossip. Such as prayer requests etc.....
Now during this brief introduction, you may want to bring a little bit of food to be kind of a welcome wagon. Explain that you do this sort of thing to all new neighbors etc...Also this time would be perfect to see if there is anything to be done to help her. I believe if we are genuine in our attempt at hospitality, showing concern it will be obvious to her. Thus hopefully making her feel like she can open up a bit about her situation.
Once you've opened a door, you can walk in.
This may sound hokey but it is how I would want to be approached if it were me.