June 05, 2011

What If? - Case No. 4 - To Quit or Not Quit a Job

You have reached the end of your rope as far as your job is concerned. You hate to go to work every day and even though you scan the job ads online and in the newspaper, talk to others about any other possible jobs, there just isn’t a job out there. You know that you should be grateful to even have a job in this economy.  Your husband works and his job pays for the family’s health insurance. You have two boys who are in 3rd grade and 5th grade.

When you sit down with your husband and go over all of your living expenses you are short $400 a month of being able to live only on your husband’s income. As you drive to work the next day, you are discouraged but you wonder if it is possible to somehow reduce your expenses so you can quit. What can you do?

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Phoebe said...

interesting case scenerio. I have been in similar situations and I never left a job without having another one.
Now at this particular time. I would stay until I found another job as well. IN this economy, the husband's job could be up for grabs at any time. Also some companies are either making their employess pay for more of the insurance or going to HSA's. This would make this family responsible for more than what they are now. At the very least I would get a part time job before I quit.
I was just reading where some experts are saying we are heading for a major depression.
Unless my health was in danger from the stress, I'd stay until I found something.