June 03, 2011

What If? - Case No. 3 - Food Dilemma

Our next case scenario involves a food dilemma.  You don’t get a paycheck for another 7 days and because of some unexpected expenses you only have $10.00 cash until you get paid.  Fortunately all of your bills are paid and you have 3/4's of a tank of gas in your car.  However, you (and your family) must live on what food you have in your home right at this moment.  Can you do it?


judy said...

Yes if I am careful. I am taking the prices from shopping reciepts from the last month. Note: our super walmart always has boneless breasts for 1.88 and 5lb of ground meat for 6.99

5lbs chicken: 9.40
2 doz eggs: 3.98
5lb bag of rice: 6.99
5lbs of potatoes: 2.99
3lbs of bananananans: 2.37
4lbs of frozen assorted vegies: 4.99
3 loaves of bread: 4.25
5lbs of ground meat:5.98
2 gallons milk: 6.50
1 container of oatmeal: 2.99
10 yogurts: 6.90
head of lettuce: 1.29
bag of carrots: 1.99
3 boxes of pasta: 2.35
spag sauce: 5.00
tea bags/sugar(homemade sweet tea):2.00
2 containers concentrated juice:3.50
2lb of amer cheese: 7.95

There probably wouldnt be allot of left over but I have had to make it stretch like this before so I have an idea of what we would need.

Great Challenge by the way


judy said...

Ok I read that so wrong so feel free to delete my first post.

I would be able to do it with only having to buy milk and eggs. We have a stockpile of meat and pasta right now, and also plenty of fruits and vegies. Because I keep at least one backup of things we use frequently it wouldnt be a problem. We also have 10 cases of water in the basement at all times just in case...


Sharon said...

I'm liking this series...it keeps me thinking...

Yes, I could live on $10.00 for a week with the food I have in the house. I would have very creative dinners to say the least, and lunches would have to be leftovers. Breakfasts would be cereal (until it was gone), eggs, pancakes, waffles. I don't have breakfast meats, however. We will run out of drinks, but tap water would be just fine.

I think I may take on this challenge! Saving money this week is eactly what I need.

Phoebe said...

I think we could. I have powdered milk to use if needed. We would need a loaf of bread. I've never made a homemade loaf before. I had a bread machine years ago but the loaves came out hard as a rock so we gave it away. I can buy a cheap loaf, although not a good quality, for a tad over a dollar at Kroger. I know I would need something else but I have to go through our stuff to see what we need.

Juhli said...

That scenario is also good for disaster preparation. I think being prepared to last 7 days without shopping for food, water, etc. is a must in emergency preparedness.

Martha said...

Wow, what great comments and ideas. I'm learning from each of you.

@Judy - I'm not sure how you read the post, but I went ahead and published your first comment as your list of food and prices were very interesting to me. Also I wish our Super Walmart had 5 lbs. of ground meat for the price you are paying, but then again living in the Philly area I know you are paying more for some items that I am paying less.

~Carla~ said...

At this moment we have more food in the house than we ever have... That $10.00 would be used for milk & bananas, which we only have 2 of...

Phoebe said...

I live right outside of Raleigh NC and I have not seen ground meat prices like that in our Super Walmart!! Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

We could live for a week on that. Perhaps I would use the $10 for some sale/pantry items to add to my present stash.

Having a pantry/freezer stash is a real help for instances such as this, no matter what the size. We don't have space for an entire pantry room, nor a basement (we live in a modular home). Our pantry consists of a kitchen cupboard, a standing utility cupboard (which shares space of other items), and a large plastic tote. It can be done. :)


Elizabeth said...

We often do this when an unexpected expense comes up and we don't want to dip into our savings...we just do "pantry cooking" that week. The $10 would cover milk and maybe a fresh fruit or two that was on sale. Our meals would be interesting, that's for sure, but it's a good way to use up those items in the back of the cupboard or the bottom of the freezer before they go bad!