June 05, 2011

My Response to the 3rd case scenario - Food Dilemma

Well, if you have read my blog for a short period of time or since the beginning, you know I regard a stocked pantry and freezer as a must for our household.  I urge you to try to have at least 2 weeks of food on hand at all times so that you can at least make it through a pay period without having to pay for groceries if the need arises.

If storage is a problem, then save up two weeks of grocery money, put it in a jar where you won't touch it and leave it for an emergency. 


~Carla~ said...

Our freezers are absolutely FILLED to the brim! I'm working on some canned/boxed stash... we'll see how the next couple weeks go!

Phoebe said...

I have just begun a focused approach to stocking the pantry. For so long, I'd buy stuff for recipes rather than buying for the pantry. I'd bypass items when they were dirt cheap because they weren't on the list. Oh how I did this backwards. You are teaching an old dog new tricks. Thanks!