May 13, 2011

Sewing Question

I have asked the Headstrong Housewife at Journey of a Headstrong Housewife about sewing patterns and I would like to throw this question out to all of you.

I am tired of not being able to find sewing patterns that I like or that fit properly and I would like to start to make my own patterns.  For example, I have a beautiful top that I would love to recreate, but to be honest I do not want to take it apart to make a pattern.  I will have to take a picture of it as I love it. 

So for those seamstresses out there, do you have any suggestions as to where I can find information how to make my own patterns? 


Juhli said...

Since no one has commented on this, I googled making a pattern from a blouse and found all sorts of complicated instructions. The best one involved using interfacing over a carefully pinned down garment and included getting darts in, etc. Is there a sewing teacher or seamstress or design student in town who might be able to do this for you for a small fee?

~Carla~ said...

Do you perhaps have an "extra" shirt that fits well that you could carefully take apart and use as a pattern? Other than that not really sure... sorry!