May 06, 2011

Being Flexible

I keep a daily list of what I want to accomplish each day and while I may not get the entire list done, I try to get at least 75% of it completed. 

I had arranged my schedule today so that I could spend my afternoon painting.  I got home from Curves at 1:00 and was making my lunch when I got a text message from the Hy-Vee grocery store website.  Hy-Vee has NowWow deals about once a week and a few months ago I signed up on their website for their special deals that are sent as a text message.  I looked at my phone and for a limited time today I would be able to get $5 off of a $50 grocery purchase.

Last night I had prepared my grocery list and had planned on shopping at Fareway on Monday.  After I got that text message I grabbed my list and I grabbed my Fareway ad as Hy-Vee will match Fareway's sales.  I purchased 20 lbs. of hamburger on sale for $1.99 a lb. and 4 extra large bags of Malt o Meal cereal that were close to 40 ounces each for only $2.50 a bag and 2 dozen eggs @ 99 cents a dozen.  These were all items I was going to purchase on Monday but by being flexible with my schedule (and being prepared with my list) I was able to get an additional $5 off my purchase.

I may not be an extreme couponer but a deal is still a deal.


Granny said...

That was a great savings and you're right it pay to be flexible so that you can take advantage of a deal when it's available. I don't think any of the stores in our area have that offer. .

judy said...

I try to do the same thing. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesnt. Right now our local Pathmark is having a sale where they tripled coupons Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus Monday is Senior discount day so mom and I went shopping in order to get the best deals on Monday