May 04, 2011

Livingroom - Half Done

I know that some of you will be thinking, only half done?  But faux finishing does take some time and I can only work 3 hours out of the day some days due to my back. 

So after scraping off layers of wallpaper - some close to 100 years old, patching holes and cracks and then sanding them down, then priming the walls, painting two coats of the basecoat of a deep olive green, then a light gold ragged on the walls, followed by a darker gold and - here are the finished walls.  (Excuse the furniture as I am painting the other side of the room now.)

The walls upclose

As to the ceiling, I painted the basecoat the same dark gold as the second faux finish on the walls.  Then I sponged on a lighter shade of the olive green used as the base coat on the wall and finished with sponging on a lighter shade of the gold that was used on the first faux finish on the wall.

The ceiling up close

And now on to the blank canvas on the other side of the room.

I have about one week to get this side of the room done and then I need to paint the piano black and all the radiators a metallic bronze with some black paint rubbed over the embellishments on the side.  The graduation party is May 20th so I need to get cracking and get this big project done.

And here is the inspiration piece that started it all.  A picture from my grandmother's parlor that she gave me.


Audry said...

It looks beautiful! And it is so perfect for the room! I am going to paint every room in my house this summer. I'm waiting until I'm done with school this semester, and get past my son's graduation, and the guests who are coming to celebrate. You definitely inspire me!

Juhli said...

It really does look beautiful - and what a lot of hard work you have put in to make it so! Enjoy having your "new" living room when it is finished.