June 11, 2010

$5.00 a gallon paint!!!!

Yep, I purchased 4 gallons of interior paint from our local Sherwin Williams store for only $5.00 a gallon.  When you get a good deal you just want to share it.  My DH didn't say much about it so I called my mom in New York knowing she would share in my enthusiasm.

How did this happen?  Well...........

Last week I received a postcard in the mail from Sherwin Williams announcing a preferred customer sale for today through Monday on all paint. As a preferred customer (I love to say that) I would receive 25% off paint.  Well, since we are painting our house again this year I decided to go pick up 4 gallons of paint.

First of all, I had been dreading picking up the paint as we had used Benjamin Moore paint on the house when we painted it 8 years ago.  The lumberyard that we purchased our paint from had discontinued selling paint.  My next choice was the Sherwin Williams store but I was wondering how on earth they were going to give me the same colors that I had selected from Benjamin Moore. 

I stopped by the Sherwin Williams store yesterday when I was doing my rounds of errands and inquired as to what they would be able to do for me.  They assured me that all I had to do was supply them with the Benjamin Moore paint color number and they could duplicate it.  Great. 

Today I went to the store and sure enough I gave them my notebook with the paint color numbers in it and they started to color four gallons of paint for me.  Two gallons were a medium yellow which is the main house color and the other two gallons were a lighter yellow used on our picket fence and also on some trim on the house.  I already had plenty of the other trim colors leftover from touch up painting we had done a few years ago. 

Here is a picture of our house that I took this winter.  As you can see it has a lot of colors on it.  A friend of mine that color schemes Victorian homes did the colors for me and these are the historic colors that were original to the house.

Okay, back to the $5.00 paint deal.

After mixing the paint and paying for it ($41.00 paint that was now $29.00 a gallon), the manager noticed that he, thankfully it was he, had given the clerk interior paint to color.  He apologized for the delay and since it is a small town store the clerk said "I'm glad it was you that made that mistake."  The manager replied "Well, it is 10:25 a.m. and the rest of the day will go smooth as I have made the mistake of the week." 

I then asked him what he was going to do with the four gallons of interior paint.  He told me that frequently people come into the store to see if they have any "mistake" paint to buy.  I asked him what he would sell it for and he told me $5.00.  I asked if I could purchase the paint and he said "sure." 

What's kind of funny about this is I have always loved those two yellow colors on the outside of the house and I have always wanted to put them in my kitchen or another room.  Now I have the paint. 

Even if it doesn't look good in my kitchen I can use it in my basement. I could also donate it to someone and they could get some use out of it.

Nothing makes my day like getting a great deal on something I can use.


Moderate Means said...

Nice deal! I plan to start checking out the discarded paint at Home Depot to try and find some living room paint :)


Moxie said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great deal on the paint...I would have bought it too! Yellows are so nice...inside and out! Post pictures if and when you do paint inside =]