April 10, 2010

No Ads on my Blog

I made the decision months ago that I would not be posting ads on my blog for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the intent of my blog is to post my lifestyle change.  Second, there are a ton of blogs out there that post ads and deals all the time.  What could I add that already hasn't been posted?  Third, it has never been my goal to make money from my blog.

I like to keep things simple.  My blog is just that - a simple diary of my life as it has transitioned from full time career woman to stay at home wife.  On occasion I may post about a good deal that I received but I won't be advertising that there is a great coupon for a certain product online and such.  I'll leave that up to the other blogs that have that as a goal.  I subscribe to several of those blogs and they are up to date on the current deals and such.  Trying to duplicate what other blogs are doing would be ridiculous.  After all, they are doing it better than I ever could.

So if you happen over here to this blog, you will get a simple version of my life and what I am doing.

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