April 26, 2010

New Computer on the Way

The hard drive went bad on my computer and would cost around $225 to replace.  I decided to purchase a new laptop on sale for around $500.  It was kind of a hard decision as I could use my son's desktop - but frankly, that did not appeal to me at all.  This is one of those "okay if we didn't have money for food" scenarios I would definitely have not replaced it, but we are doing a little better each month.  I hate to say that as the great refrigerator god might decide to pull life support on our 20 year old fridge. 

It always seems that when something major goes out on a computer and you fix it, then something else crops up within a few months.  So thankfully Dell had a great sale, we got 6 months' zero interest and it was shipped yesterday.  By the end of the week I will have it up and running and be able to blog more often. 

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