April 18, 2010

Computer Woes

My laptop is out of commission right now and hopefully the man who services our computers will be able to look at it this week. I have a bad feeling about it.  The good news is that everything was backed up.  I have been down this path before so I am always making sure that I have a current backup.

I am a "what if" person.  What if the hard drive has gone bad, what if it will cost a lot to fix it OR when is it better to get something repaired or replaced entirely.  My DH told me "why don't you just wait and see."  Good advice.

In the meantime I can use our desktop computer that my DS uses all the time. That is only if I can pry his hands away from the keyboard.  In fact I'm not sure who is more upset about my laptop being out of commission, me or him.  

Being without my laptop for a while only affirms the fact I would much rather go without cable television than my computer and access to the internet.  Now if I could only talk the rest of my family to drop cable television we would save a considerable some of money each month.

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