December 18, 2011

Losing weight before the New Year Begins

I gained 10 lbs. since January from being on Paxil.   Back in January I had some issues with working out at home, namely I was lonely and it had begun to get boring.  I joined Curves as I needed an alternative that was affordable.  By the end of February I had lost about 2 lbs. and had toned up and lost inches.  The best day was when I put on a pair of capris and they fit with a little snuggness. I was on my way. 

Unfortunately it was about that time that I started to feel the side  effects of Paxil - weight gain.  So the lbs. came on at about 1 lb. per month until I am where I am today - 151 lbs.  My goal is to get down to 135 lbs. 

I find it hard to lose weight on my own.  I need help and accountability.  I also want to prepare my own food as I know what I  like and what works for me.  

I now know what most women realize deep down, but we really don't want to face.  We get to a certain age and the weight starts to creep on and we can't eat like we did when we were in our 20's.  It's hard to face this but we can eat many of the foods we love, just in moderation and then we need to get our "back sides" moving and exercise. 

I followed Weight Watchers when I needed to lose the baby weight some 17 years ago and it worked for me.  Everyone has to find a plan that works for them, mine is Weight Watchers. 

Soo -- although it is not frugal, I have joined Weight Watchers. Not frugal from the standpoint that I am now paying $18.95 per month for their on-line tools and accountability. Add that to my Curves Membership and I am paying $55 a month for fitness.

If I could not afford this, I would work out at home, walk and count calories. It would be more of a struggle for me, but I could do it. 

I'm really hoping that now that I am off Paxil that the drug will be out of my system by the end of January and I will see the "fruits of my labor" - 5 servings a day that is.


Rose said...

Oh, Martha, we all know what a struggle weight loss is. Stick with it. I have found that keeping active is crucial for me to maintain and/or lose weight. Do little things like park your car further away, walk around the block, and clean the house. If you feel like a snack, have a cup of tea or bury yourself in a book, or do whatever works for you. Good Luck!

~Carla~ said...

Good for you! I think if it'll help you get healthier, it's worth every penny!! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck -I also signed for ww online - liked the meetings but hard to make with my work schedule rotating all the time. also paying around $10 for a gym which I think was a waste since it's not close enough to me (honestly the townhome community where I live woul dhave to put in treadmills in the clubhouse to come close to being convenient for me!) but I want to get in shape - I'm in worse shape than you - creeping on 215 and I'm only 5'4"

Martha said...


You have to start somewhere and starting in the winter is the best time. I have a friend that has lost 40 lbs. this year on weight watchers and she is so glad she started way back in February with the goal of losing weight.

Hang in there. The first 10 days are hard and then you will find it comes easy to follow the plan.