December 27, 2011

Christmas is Over - Time to get back to Normal

In the midst of the Christmas unwrapping mess.
We had an enjoyable Christmas celebration and it is time to try to get back to normal - which means I need to be here at this blog posting.  Now when I say I "need", that means that I need to be here because I enjoy it. 

For Christmas I received some nice gifts from my family such as a faux fur scarf that easily wraps around my neck, a little beaded bag to hold my cell phone and a couple of Amazon gift cards.

I have been on Amazon trying to decide what I would buy with these gift cards.  There isn't a need to hurry on this but it is kind of fun to have some gift cards "to burn."  

I have been looking at some books on how to deconstruct clothing and such.  I'm not making any big decisions as of yet, but I am totally into taking jeans, as an example, and making them into tote bags, skirts or whatever.  Also I want to spend more time sewing and I could use a good sewing book. 

2012 is the year to finish painting and decorating the downstairs of our house.  This means the diningroom (I'm thinking of a rust color), the kitchen, the hallway, my son's bedroom and the guest bedroom which is the bedroom that our college girls will be living in. 

I want to sew all of the decor for these rooms and do it on a budget.  So I need ideas and have found that it is worth purchasing a good idea book, used of course.  I have about 6 on my wish list on Amazon and I will set them aside to look at in another week and make my choice. 

Retro Fabric I purchased - 2 yards only available
I want to use a 1960's retro decor for the girls' room.  They like that idea too.  So I have been on the hunt for 60's retro things.  I had a floor lamp given to me about 3 weeks ago and it is absolutely perfect.  I have found retro 60's fabric at Wal-mart that can be used for curtains and pillows and other items.  See the photo above.  I also need to come up with quilts or bedspreads and the budget is a low $100.  I set the budget as I feel it will be like a game or challenge to see what I can come up with. 

I have been scouring stores for clearance items and I have been to Goodwill.  I need bedding for the bunk beds and I am hoping that if I cannot find identical bedding that at least we can find complimentary bedding.  Or I can find a bedspread that can be remade into something else for the room. 

Lastly I have lost 3 lbs. since the beginning of the month which totally makes me smile.  Yes, smile.  I made healthy food choices through the Christmas weekend and I allowed myself some treats - in moderation. 


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Like you, I enjoy sewing and repurposing. There is a blog called "michele made me" that will likely inspire you greatly.
I have found some very reasonable comforters at Wal-mart for a couple of our bedrooms. Perhaps Craig's List might even have something you would like.
I enjoy your blog and I think rust colored walls in your diningroom would be equally as delicious as the food you serve!........Denise

Martha said...

I have spotted two comforters at Wal-mart that I think will work BUT I'm waiting for them to either go down in price or for another option.

I must add that I am having a lot of fun decorating a bedroom for young women.

Juhli said...

Cute fabric! And congrats on your weight loss - especially during the holidays.

Cathy E said...

I love the retro fabric! Another idea for finding bedding is estate auctions. We bought a camper a year ago and I needed extra blankets for 5 people. I love going to auctions and usually ignored the blankets, but started getting nice, handmade patchwork quilts for a couple of dollars each. Most are very well cared for at these sales, and as long as they weren't stored with mothballs or have a musty smell, wash up great. They were made to last, so the quality is incredible. I find so many great items for very little cost at estate auctions!

Debs said...

I got the complete tightwad gazette for Christmas :) i can't wait to finally delve in for myself and go back and read your posts again :)