June 24, 2013


Last week I had typed some posts and was getting ready to post them.  I was on my way to getting back to the frugal basics I had put in place a couple of years ago – ready to get a fresh start again.  Last week we completed enclosing our backyard with a privacy fence, I finished watching my grandson while my son was taking a class and was ready to tackle decluttering closets and sewing clothes.  WHEN on Friday my youngest son called me to say that the building he was living in had been declared “uninhabitable” by the City.  The building is very old, but the apartments are nice.  The problem is that the back of the building was pulling away from the foundation to the point that they felt it could toppled down.  So the weekend was spent getting him moved out fast and moving him back home until he could find another apartment to live in.  Thankfully we had plenty of help getting him moved out. 

Last night I was walking around the main floor of our house and there were boxes here in and there and a queen sized air mattress set up in our living room.  Decent rentals are hard to find in our community and I was wondering how long it would take for him to find another apartment.  I don’t mind that he had moved back but I also knew that for 8 months he had been living on his own and he wanted to get back to having his own place.  Fortunately someone we knew had an apartment for rent.  This individual is a responsible landlord and has a reputation in our community for being just that – responsible.  Our son and I looked at the apartment today and he fell in love with it.  It is cheaper than his old apartment and included in the rent is the cost of heat, water and garbage collection.  It is nice and also very secure.  I think it was meant to be.  He is going to save money and he moves in next week. 

So, with that situation resolved, I can get back to “getting back to the basics.” 

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