June 09, 2013

Putting a Pet Down

Me and our cat, Sheircon in Feb. 2010

On Friday, June 7th, we had to put our cat, Sheircon to sleep.  She was 16 years old in May.  The above picture was taken 3 years ago when she weighed around 10 lbs.  When we put her down she weighed around 5 lbs., was going through kidney failure and had stopped eating altogether.  She was a wonderful cat and I enjoyed the privilege of owning her (if you can ever own a cat as they seem to own the person).  

I stayed with her as she was put down and then we put her in a box, placed a piece of pink fabric on top and buried her under a forsythia bush in our backyard.  

In January we had our black lab put down.  She was almost 13 years old and had declined so much.  


Now we are left with our 16 month old labradoodle Molly.  We have no intention of getting another cat.  One pet is enough for us for now.  Molly fits the bill and she is a wonderful, loving dog.



Lee Ann said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Pets are family members. I truly loved all of the pets I've ever had the privilege of sharing our lives.

Alice said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty and of your dog earlier this year. I live with three 15+ year old cats and I don't look forward to putting them down.

Alice said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your pets. I live with three 15+ year-old cats and I dread that time coming.

Martha said...

@ Alice: It's nothing to look forward to, but when the time comes find the strength to be there when they are put down. It was my great joy to raise our dog from a puppy and our cat from a kitten and see them through a wonderful life. It was a privilege to be there at the end. You could see in both there eyes that they were suffering and the time had come. There was no quality to their lives. When you can't walk your dog anymore because they are in pain and when your cat won't eat nor clean herself, then you know the time has come. I have wonderful memories of all of our pets.