March 20, 2013

Why I Love Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap

Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap is a major cleaning staple at my house.  I use it to get set in grease stains out of clothing, in my recipe for all purpose cleaner and recently I found it removes set it stains in carpet.

My husband and I teach an adult Sunday School class at our church and the room that we use has light blue carpet.  Since we have taught this class there has always been this dark, almost black stain on the carpet - about the size of a large coffee can.  Every now and then somebody makes a comment about it so last week I took a bottle of Dawn Dish soap to the church in hopes that I would at least get most of the stain out.  Wrong!!!  It totally removed this stain.  All I did was squirt some Dawn soap on the stain and work it in with a clean wet rag.  Then I rinsed the rag and got all of the soapy residue out.  I was amazed that it was that easy.  

You can get a small bottle of Dawn at Dollar General stores for around a $1.00 and many times I see coupons for 25 cents off.  When the large bottles are on sale, I stock up as this product is my go to for a lot of things.  

Next up on making my cleaning job easier, I purchased one of those pull carts that you use to carry your groceries home from the grocery store.  It is a medium sized cart and looks like this:

I purchased this as a birthday gift for myself.  This cart holds all of my cleaning supplies plus I put a garbage bag over the handle and load it with trash as I go.  I keep this cart loaded and in my basement.  When it is time to clean I carry it upstairs and wheel it from room to room in my house as I clean.  When I used to dust before, I would set the dusting spray down somewhere and dust and when I would need some more, I couldn't find where I set it down.  Now everything goes back into the cart.   This has saved me a tremendous about of time and frustration and yes, I loved using birthday party to buy it for myself.  

It's the little things that make my life easier that I enjoy.  Especially when it means I can cut down on cleaning time so that I get more sewing time.  


Anne said...

I love the idea of that trolley, anything that cuts down on cleaning time is fine by me!

Terri said...

Die hard Original Blue Dawn fans here too. And what a brilliant idea with the shopping cart. I bought one to haul groceries and sundry small luggage items upstairs when we go on vacation...And it's really bothered me seeing it just sit there unused all this time. A cleaning cart would be a perfect primary use for that item. Thank you!

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