March 06, 2013

My little grandson, Ryan

I am so over the top blessed with a little grandson, Ryan Michael.  The look on my face shows it all.  To those of you who have entered this phase of your life as a grandparent, you understand what it is like to feel "Over the Moon" with love.  

I am off today to Des Moines to do so baby shopping.  I have a Kohl's gift card I have been saving for a long time and they are having some really great sales - bargains, bargains, bargains are what I will be looking for today.  


slugmama said...

Congratulations Grandmom!
It must be great....I've got some time before I get that honor myself. 8-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your grand baby.
Good luck scoring on your bargains.

lizzie said...

Congratulations - being a grandmother totally rocks !
Good excuse for a little retail therapy (they have such cute stuff for babies, dont they)