March 18, 2013

Life is Beautiful

I have deliberately not posted for a while as I wanted to make sure that I was mentally okay.  No one wants to read a bunch of ramblings about things, and I can now say that I feel 95% great.  Why not 100%?  Because no one feels 100% all the time.  

I am taking Celexa and I don't feel drugged, I don't feel sleepy, I don't feel euphoric, I just feel like I should feel - happy with my life and able to cope with whatever comes my way.

Enough about that.  I have been spending my time cleaning my home, getting rid of stuff we don't need and organizing closets.  I finally have energy and the desire to keep my home orderly. I have also been doing a lot of sewing.  I love to sew and the one thing I have learned lately is that I need to make time to do the things that I love to do - including holding that beautiful grandson of mine.

When it comes to making things for babies you can't go wrong with homemade receiving blankets.  I made 3 for my daughter in law and I made them double thickness.

These blankets beat anything store bought.  I purchased two complementary fabrics 1 1/4 yards in length.  This makes a perfect square.  I might add, that these are large receiving blankets.  Then it was just a matter of preshrinking the fabric (very, very important), sewing right sides together leaving an opening to turn the fabric inside out, ironing it and pinning the opening shut and then edging the fabric with a decorative stitch.  Easey peasey and they will be used a lot.

I also made a few single thickness blankets for warmer days and I simply turned the edges under twice and top stitched with a decorative stitch.   

Now fabric is not so cheap these days but it is a waste of money to purchase store bought blankets. The store bought ones are thin and not very big.  These blankets can be used for a long time as the baby grows.  

I have also made those bone shaped burp cloths out of flannel fabric - double thickness.  These are the best things out there for a burp cloth.  They are soft and perfectly fit under the baby's chin for feeding time.  

I have been able to purchase a lot of flannel fabric on sale and I am making receiving blankets and burp cloths for ladies in our church when they have  baby.  I am having a ball doing this.  

Next on my list is sewing an Easter dress and sewing a few aprons.


Melissa said...

Congradulations on your grandson! I too am having my first grandson in the summer. I plan to be sew some gifts for him also. I really like your recieving blankets.

a8383 said...

So glad you are feeling better! Wehad had our first grand 10 months ago. Needless to say she is wonderful- haha! I think I will try your blankets- two nieces are expecting as well. I struggle with depression as well. It was a good reminder to take time for myself and what matters to me. Angela

Anne said...

What lovely colours!